Good Day and Welcome to the Tower Kingdom Tutorial

Today I’m here to tell you all you will need to know about Tower Kingdom, so that you will enjoy your gaming experience to the maximum.

Let us start by looking at how to log into the game.


 First thing you will see is the Login Screen. Please put in your username and password (For Alpha you will have to give your details to an Administrator to create your account. An email will do.)

Tower Kingdom Tutorial 1   Log in and Character creation 1

Once you have put in your details, click the login button which will take you to the character selection screen.

Tower Kingdom Tutorial 1   Log in and Character creation 2

If it's your first time playing please left-click on Create Character. This will take you to create your Hero.

1) Choose Gender: Male Or Female

2) Choose Race: Race will determine your background story. 

3) Pick a Character name

4) Pick a Character Portrait: There are lots to choose from, so have a look

Once you have created your Hero and are happy with him/her, left-click on create Character button.

Tower Kingdom Tutorial 1   Log in and Character creation 3

This will take you back to your Hero selection screen. Left-click on Select Character and the left-Click on the Play button at the bottom of the screen.
Congratulations you have just created your First Character and you are now ready to start playing the game.


First Game Settings

 Now that you have created a character and reached the Lobby. Shall we start your first game. 

TowerKingdomTutorial2 Lobbyandstartingfirstgame1


The Lobby is your Window into playing Tower Kingdom. Here you will be able to select all the different maps and difficulty’s you want to play. (In the Alpha/Beta you will only be able to play in the Classics Tab).

We won’t talk too much about the Lobby right now. Let’s get you starting to play the game.

Left-click on the Classics tab at the top of your screen. Please select Map2 then change the Map settings to:

Map Level:         Level 1

Map Difficulty:    Beginner

Total Waves:      30 Waves

Once you have selected these settings, left-click Play.

Well done next we will talk about the HUD (Heads Up Display).


Heads Up Display

 First, I would like to start with what you are looking at as you start a game.

The HUD (Heads Up Display) has been designed to give you as much information without taking up needed space.

Tower Kingdom Tutorial 3   HUD 1

First things first let’s start by explaining all that you are seeing right now. 
In the top left is your Character and Pet window.

Tower Kingdom Tutorial 3   HUD 2

Top left – Private messages – (Not Available in Beta)

Middle left – Backpack – Contains all your items that you have put in there for this Map

Bottom left - Scroll - (Not Available in Beta)

Top right – Hint bubble - (Not Available in Beta)

Middle right - Chest - (Not Available in Beta)

Bottom right - Your Pet settings - (Not Available in Beta)

Left Portrait is your Character – Click to open\close character window

Right Portrait is your Pet for this Map – Click to open\close Pet Camera window

In the top middle is the Wave information.

Tower Kingdom Tutorial 3   HUD 3

Wave - This is the current wave of creeps you are currently on

Spawn Size – This is how many creeps will spawn this wave

Spawned – How many creeps have already spawned this wave

Lives left – This is how much life your red portal has. You lose life as you let through creeps with any amount of life. The red portal is what you need to defend at the center of this map

Eliminated – This is how many spawned creeps you have already killed. This is so you can tell how many creeps you still have to kill to complete this Wave

Menu – This is where you will find all the settings you can change in the game:

General – (Not Available in Beta)

Graphics – (Not Available in Beta)

Sound – Clicking here will allow you to make the creeps or music softer or louder in-game

Exit – Lobby – Clicking here will take you back to the Lobby so you can choose a new map and keep on playing

Quit Game – Clicking here will exit the game completely and take you back to your desktop

Close – Clicking here will just close this menu

Resources – In order we have Wood, Stone and Gold. This is where you can see all your resources that you need to build and upgrade towers. Wood and Stone are needed to build new Towers. Gold is needed for upgrading your towers and building The Dome support and Power towers (explained later)

In the top right is your map

Tower Kingdom Tutorial 3   HUD 4

This will allow you to see all the creatures of the wave as they make their way through the map. They will show as Red dots on this map. You can also left-click on the map and you will be moved to where you clicked

In the bottom left is your chat window

Tower Kingdom Tutorial 3   HUD 5

This will allow you to chat to all your friends and other players in the game. You can also ask other players to give you some advice if needed (This will also be active when in the Lobby). The number next to general tab is the amount of people that are online right now

In the bottom middle is your Tower Selection Bar

Tower Kingdom Tutorial 3   HUD 6

Here you will be able to select all the different towers (Click here for Tower info)
On the right side you will see:

Spawn - This will allow you to start the next wave instead of pressing the "Space Bar"

Up and Down Arrows with the number one in the middle - This is how to page up and down the different towers. This is to separate your attacking, support and Dome towers.

XP Bar - You will see a Black with Purple Bar on top of the Tower Selection Bar. This bar will change to purple as you gather Experience points from the Creeps you kill. This bar will tell you how far you are to achieving the next Character level.

Grid - This is to turn on/off a building grid to the map you are playing.

Tower Kingdom Tutorial 3   HUD 8Tower Kingdom Tutorial 3   HUD 9

In the bottom right is your Power Status and Power bar

Tower Kingdom Tutorial 3   HUD 7

The power Area has been designed so that you have all the information about power management at one glance.

Power Status –

                   Total power - How much power you can store

                   Recharge – How much power you are producing at this point

                   Power Drain – How much power you are using to keep your towers running

                   Power meter – This Gives you a visual representation of what your power is doing

                   Power Slider - This gives you control over your power usage but it comes at a cost

                   The Cost – If your slider is at 100% your towers do 100% of the damage that they can cause. If your slider is at 50%, your towers do 50% of the Damage. If the Power Slider is at 0% your towers do no damage

                   You will need to manage your power throughout the game to make sure the Creeps are dying as quick as possible.

Well done we have just completed the HUD (Heads Up Display). Next we will explore gameplay.


Your First Game

 Now that you understand most of the Information that Tower Kingdom is giving to you, let’s start with how to play your first map.

Where do the creeps spawn from and go? Well all Creeps spawn from the Blue Portal

Tower Kingdom Tutorial 4   Gameplay 1

You will lose a life when the Creeps reach the Red Portal.

Tower Kingdom Tutorial 4   Gameplay 2

These portals will be in different places, according to the Map you are playing. So make sure you know where they are, so you can fit your strategy accordingly.

To move around the map you can use Left Click on the different parts of the map in the top right or you can use the keys on the keyboard W,A,S, and D.

Now we know where the Creeps are starting and ending, time to place a tower of our own to stop the creeps from getting through to the red portal. 

First off let’s look at the tower selection bar.

Option 1 – Has all your attacking towers. (Click here for Tower info)

Option 2 – Has all your support towers. Towers such as slow and more important your Power Production Tower. (Click here for Power Tower info)

Option 3 - Has all your Dome towers. (Click here for Dome Tower info)

There is of course a cost to every tower. Each attacking and Slow Tower costs 25 Wood and 25 Stone to build. Each Power Tower costs 40 Gold. The Dome costs 50 Gold. The Dome Support Towers cost 25 Gold. The only way to get more is to kill Creeps and finish the wave.

Now let's start by building a tower. Left Click on the Gatling Tower icon in the Tower Selection Bar. This will select it and change your curser to the towers image. Now place it on the raised island near the Blue Portal. You can only place towers when the base of the tower turns from Red to Green. When it turns green that means you can left-click and it will build there.

Tower Kingdom Tutorial 4   Gameplay 3

Tower Kingdom Tutorial 4   Gameplay 4

The Blue ring around the tower is the range that the tower can attack creeps.

Tower Kingdom Tutorial 4   Gameplay 5

Now let’s talk about the Power. All Towers need power to be able to attack. So Tower Kingdom gives you the Power tower (Click here for Power Tower info).The purpose of this tower is to generate power for all your towers. Since the tower we built will need power, let’s build one.

Start by left clicking down arrow until you get to 2 in the tower selection bar. Now left click on the Power Tower icon and build it the same way as we built the attacking tower. Remember this tower does not attack and can be placed anywhere on the islands. Each power tower will give you Total power and Recharge values.

Tower Kingdom Tutorial 4   Gameplay 6

Tower Kingdom Tutorial 4   Gameplay 7

Great, now that we have enough power here is something Awesome, The Dome. The Dome is a powerful support system for your Attacking towers. (Clink here for Dome tower info)

Let’s continue by building The Dome. Left Click on the down arrow until you get to 3 in the tower selection bar.

Tower Kingdom Tutorial 4   Gameplay 8

Left click on the Dome Tower Icon and build it on the island near the Blue portal.

Tower Kingdom Tutorial 4   Gameplay 9

As The Dome is built it will start to energise and deploy the energy dome.

Tower Kingdom Tutorial 4   Gameplay 10

The Dome has now been deployed and now we can start placing the dome support upgrade towers. These upgrades are what you will use to help your towers get stronger. (Link to Dome Tower Page) Each support tower has different effects.

Tower Kingdom Tutorial 4   Gameplay 11

Let's build a Slow and Range support tower. Start by Left Clicking on the Slow support tower. The Dome support towers can only be built on the adjacent blocks to The Dome Tower.

Tower Kingdom Tutorial 4   Gameplay 12

Tower Kingdom Tutorial 4   Gameplay 13

This slow Support tower will slow down all creeps inside the Energy Dome. Remember support towers also need power to work properly.

Now let’s build the Range Support tower. As before left click on the Range Support Tower icon and build it next to The Dome. The Range Support Tower is one of the upgrades to help your Attacking towers. It will increase the Blue attack range ring around all your towers inside the Energy Dome.

Tower Kingdom Tutorial 4   Gameplay 14

Now let’s talk about the Power Status and usage. In the power status bar you will notice Total power, recharge and power drain.

Tower Kingdom Tutorial 4   Gameplay 15

The Bar on the right that shows 100%, at the moment, is where you manage how much power you will give the Towers to use. Remember less power, less damage.

Let’s demonstrate to you how this works. If your tower has 100 Attack and your bar is at 100% power. Your Attacking Towers will do 100 Attack damage. If your tower has 100 Attack and your bar is at 50% power. Your Attacking Towers will only do 50 Attack damage. Notice also that the power drain has gotten less.

Tower Kingdom Tutorial 4   Gameplay 16

I have now built a few towers and you can see my total power has started to drain away. If this reaches 0, none of my towers will attack.

Tower Kingdom Tutorial 4   Gameplay 17

Always keep an eye on your power usage and drainage.

Now lets talk about upgrading all your towers. All towers can be upgraded. All you have to do is left click on the tower and a new menu will appear on the HUD.

Tower Kingdom Tutorial 4   Gameplay 18

The Tower control menu allows you to upgrade and destroy the Tower you have built. Also it gives you all the info on the towers Range, Damage(Damage Per Second), Fire Rate and Power usage at this level of tower. Alright let’s upgrade the Tower. The cost of the first upgrade is just 10 Gold. Left-click on the upgrade icon and watch all the Statistics go up. Each tower can be upgraded 5 times.

Tower Kingdom Tutorial 4   Gameplay 19

If at anytime you built a tower in the wrong place you can left-click on the Destroy icon. You will receive all the resources that you have spent on that tower.

Well done, next we will talk about what a good start can be for the beginner.


A Good Start

 Now that we all know how to play Tower Kingdom let us help you with a good starting strategy.

As the first wave begins you will have 30 seconds to build.

Let’s Start by building 2x Gatling Tower, 1x Cannon and 1x Tesla. Remember each tower has different attack, damage and range that you can use to boost your own strategy. Next the Dome and at least one support tower for the dome, I recommend the Slow and DOT support towers.

Tower Kingdom Tutorial 5   A good start 1

Always remember each tower uses power. So always check power drain to make sure you have enough power. You don’t want to get half way through a wave and run out.

That’s it for now. Remember have fun and if you need help with anything please talk to everyone in the group chat there is always someone to help you. You can also look at the Forums for help.

Have fun everyone and see you online.