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Multiplayer is coming soon

Multiplayer is being tested at this very moment. 

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Tower kingdom is a TD game built on the principle of the traditional tower defence genre with some role-playing elements.  Players will gain experience and skill points while playing which they can then invest to better suit their desired playing style.

The aim of tower kingdom is to construct powerful and upgradable towers to fend off creatures travelling along a specific route. Towers can be constructed anywhere on the green highlighted areas on the grid. Each tower has unique features to enhance your gaming experience and make it exciting and fun to play. The challenge of the game lies in developing a strategic network of defensive platforms to hold out against constant waves of creatures that will try to reach your base/objective.

Tower Kingdom offers a wide range of decisions on how to go about constructing your defensive network as the towers in Tower Kingdom require power to function properly thus the player will have to manage his/her power generation and supply, while also deciding when to upgrade his/her offensive/support towers.

When you allow too many creatures to reach your base/objective, you’ll suffer a defeat.

Players can have up to 3 characters which they level up over time. As your character levels up, your towers become stronger in various areas determined by the player. Players can also equip their characters with better equipment that are dropped by mini bosses or main bosses. A player market is also available for players to sell or buy gear as well as various other items. The in-game crafting system also allows players to improve their gear by slotting gear with items that have been dropped by creeps.

As players play they earn experience points, as well as skill points. Experience points are used to level your character, and skill points are used by the character to permanently increase the efficiency of their towers. It's all up to the player how they would like to improve/build their character's tower skills.

Whilst playing, players can pick up different types of equipment which they can equip on their characters. This makes the character more powerful. There are 5 different grading's for equipment namely: Grey - Common, Green - Uncommon, Blue - Rare, Purple - Elite, Gold - Legendary.

Towers fall into 3 main categories, namely: Attack, Support or Dome. Attack towers are used to apply direct damage to the creeps. Support towers slow creeps down or increase your power grid that is used to power your towers. The dome and its support towers are used to increase damage, fire rate or range for all towers built within the dome area. It also slows or applies damage to creeps that are within the dome area.

All towers built use power to function, and players can strategically increase their power grid over time, whilst playing a map. As towers are upgraded, they use more power, and thus a player might have to choose during a game on whether to upgrade a tower, or maybe upgrade their power grid if they are running low on power. A player can decrease the power usage of towers, if they are running low on power, which in turn will decrease the damage output of towers.

The classic maps cater for 1 to 4 players in co-op mode and may have more than one spawn point, depending on the number of players playing the map. Usually spawn speed increases over time as well as the creeps speed and/or health. Players can set the number of waves they would like to combat against, as well as the map's difficulty level. Maps can also be set to survival mode, where the challenge becomes how long a player can hold out on a particular map.


Each character can have one active pet whilst playing a map. The pet will listen to your commands and will do all the looting for you. Some of the pets are faster than others, some have more stamina or carrying strength. The pet system is intended to make playing easier for players, allowing them to focus on their game-play and strategy whilst the pet takes care of the looting etc.